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For some businesses forming a limited company can be more beneficial. If you would like to discuss how it may improve your company’s finances and be advantageous to your company in other ways, call on our experience to guide you. Contact Wootton Taylor for free confidential and impartial advice before making the decision. if it is the right choice for you, we can form the company quickly and easily and we have no hidden charges other than our standard fee. We can:

  • Guide you through the process
  • Take care of the company name and registering all of the details with Companies House
  • Complete all of the paperwork for you quickly and easily
  • Issue share certificates and all of the legal paperwork
  • Provide a registered address if required
  • Provide accountancy services and advice if required – ongoing and for a simple monthly payment

Information about the benefits of having a Limited Company These are just a few benefits that you might consider before forming a new company:

  • A limited company can be formed very easily as long as some basic requirements are met.
  • The liabilities of the company are limited to the assets held within the company so if it goes that shareholders personal properties are protected;
  • They are currently more tax efficient by using a mixture of salaries and dividends, and profits can be retained in the company instead of passed to shareholders so personal tax can be reduced significantly

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