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Case Study – AFH Wealth Management

Wootton TaylorCase Study – AFH Wealth Management

AFH Wealth Management – Gaining Trust From a Client

When Karl Thorpe asked me to meet with one of his clients to discuss his tax situation and give some financial advice, I had no pre-conceptions about the client. I am just aware that a bit like visiting the dentist or the doctor, there is always an element of fear in that discussion with any client. They may about hear something that they may not like and have to deal with a difficult financial reality or situation. In that instance I become a guide and therefore the most important element is gaining their trust.

Karl asked me to have a discussion with his client and I was happy to do so. To hear afterwards that the client had been very impressed with my advice and to know that I had dealt well with someone who normally finds it very difficult to trust other people, I was delighted that had made a good impression and that this had reflected back onto Karl in a very positive outcome.

I frequently recommend that my clients meet with Gary for business advice and over the eight years that I have known him, he has done nothing other than impress my clients and make me look better in their eyes. He is reliable, professional and always delivers and he fast becomes an integral part of the ongoing success of their business.

Karl Thorpe BA (Hons), Dip PFS – Independent Fianancial Advisor